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Looma is an established architectural and industrial photography studio in Rome.

The photographers at Looma work on a range of services for businesses and organizations with cutting edge techniques: Architectural Photography,  Cultural Heritage, Aerial Photography, Corporate and Industrial,  Reportage for NGOs,  Works of Art and Product Design photography.

If you are looking for any of these technical photographic services, look no further

Looma is based in Rome, Italy (and Dublin, Ireland starting from 1st q 2020). We may operate worldwide


Ranging from Editorial to Commercial, Architecture is, for our photographers, the most expressive moment of their work.

Aerial Photography

Aerials offer an unmatched communicative strength. Companies relying  on an aerial photographer gain an edge

Corporate / Industrial

Staged portraits and Architecture/Industrial shots mix together for effective campaign and reports of companies.

Large Format Photography

We shoot large format 4×5″ and even ultra large format  8×10″. The huge size of the negative offers irreplaceable optical features with a print quality that the digital process cannot match

Works of Art Photography

Photography of Paintings, Sculptures and all kind of plastic art for editorial publishing and catalogs. In studio or on site.

NGOs / Reportage

Photo documentaries on NGOs’ projects, directly from the field


architecture photographer rome

Photography for Roma Tre University New Rectorate Complex

I've been recently assigned to photograph the brand new Roma Tre University New Rectorate Complex in via Ostiense, Roma. With their ellipsoidal shape and vertical iron beams, the three main office tower buildings...

Photography for the Rimowa shop at The Spanish Steps in Rome

Interior and exterior spaces of the recently opened Rimowa luggage shop.
piazza di pietra

Photographing the Temple of Hadrian and the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Rome

Architectural photography for the Chamber of Commerce of Rome premises, between the historical Piazza di Pietra and Piazza Sant'Ignazio.
Daniel Libeskind Energy Theatre Bord GaisRiccardo Budini

Photographing Libeskind’s Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

Daniel Libeskind is one my favorite architects and taking photographs of his works is always a privilege for me. Approaching his architecture is definitely a demanding task

Calatrava’s Samuel Beckett Bridge

SAMUEL BECKETT BRIDGE is a cable-stayed balanced bridge with two unequal spans which provides vehicular traffic and pedestrians access crossing the Liffey River in Dublin...
Inside the City of Culture complexRiccardo Budini

Photographing the City of Culture by Peter Eisenman, Spain

The City of Culture by US-American architect Peter Eisenman represents an important piece of contemporary architecture.  The complex can be perceived from the town of Santiago de Compostela as a unique block gently nestled
GE Building (former RCA Building) - Study n.2

High-Rise Architecture

This photo series about highrise architecture stems from personal exploration in architecture photography. I photograph these architectures on different times and often I arrange the results of my research in studies, chronologically sorted and numbered.   
Book cover: Art of Renaissance Rome

Art of Renaissance Rome

PUBLICATION - imagery for the interior of Santa Sanctorum (Pontifical Sanctuary of Holy Stairs (Scala Sancta), in Rome, Italy). Planar projection of the main interior elevation...
The main vault of the church lit by the new LED lamps

Christuskirche: architectural photography in Rome, Italy

CASE STUDY: Photographs of the new lighting installation for the architectural spaces of the Lutheran Evangelical church in Rome, Italy. For this architectural photography assignment, the client required...

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